Nichol Brummer, jul 31 2012

Toastmaster of the Evening at Utrecht (TME)

We don't (yet) have a nice description of the 'Toastmaster of the Evening' for the Utrecht club. So here are a few links to other descriptions, as well as our still quite rough 'checklist'. The Toastmaster role depends much on how active the VPE is at filling speech slots, and important roles in advance. Ideally, the Toastmaster can concentrate on how to organize a nice meeting, with smoothly connected parts, without needing to fill all the speaking roles. The General Evaluator in our club can organize the evaluation part of the meeting, and help find the evaluators.

In the end, the 'Toastmaster of the Evening' has great freedom to organize an evening in new and creative ways. We really like to have our regular routine meetings: the routine makes it possible to schedule so many speeches, and still have time to do so many Table Topics. But it is also great fun if an evening is slightly different, or even completely different!

Utrecht checklist .. in the making
Please read this checklist and help us improve it.
Toastmaster - Easyspeak knowledge base
Short description of the role
Toastmaster -
This is the description at the Toastmaster International website. It differs a bit from our practice .. but has very useful suggestions and ideas of how to do things.
How to introduce somebody - wikia
The Toastmaster of the evening needs to introduce the speakers, do it in an entertaining way, without taking up to much of the time doing it.. not so easy at all!